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Gain insight on the industry’s latest breaking news and media stories from your trusted, always up-to-date commercial cleaning company, JAN-PRO of Atlanta. Find out how we are impacting businesses every day with clean and organized work atmospheres, as well as, JAN-PRO’s recent successes with creating franchisee opportunities that are positively impacting the metro Atlanta area.  Whether it is breaking industry news, cleaning tips, how-to guidelines, or Q & A, we invite you to use us as your resource for all things commercial cleaning.


Deliver Tranquil Dining Episodes with Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta
April 21, 2022

Getting home after a tired work routine and an upside-down dining counter and scattered kitchen welcomes you for the dinner! Would you like dining? Of course not!

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Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta Ensure Picture Perfect Sanity and Serenity 
April 21, 2022

Commercial cleaning services Atlanta provides innovative cleaning solutions under single umbrella with desired perspective, right process, and reliable guarantee. Cleanliness is next to godliness!

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The Guaranteed No Stress JAN-PRO Cleaning Service
October 14, 2020

Did you know that one of the most time-consuming tasks is to get people to do the job they were asked to do? Ever wondered why there is a special guy that ensures all tasks are done on time? Yes, we are talking about supervisors and people managers. Their sole job is to ensure that...

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Factors That Keep the JAN-PRO Cleaning System Ahead of the Competition
October 07, 2020

Did you know that JAN-PRO is one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the world? It not only has a national presence but a global one. The reason JAN-PRO is so ahead of its competition can be seen when you take in to account all the factors of the JAN-PRO cleaning system. It is...

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Keeping It Clean with JAN-PRO's Commercial Office Cleaning Services!
October 07, 2020

Americans usually spend most of their waking hours at work. In addition to this, business owners always try their best to find out what services will help their business grow well. One of the major issues today is providing a clean, germ-free environment to workers and employees. The amount of cleaning offered by regular office...

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JAN-PRO Atlanta - One of The Best Commercial Cleaning Companies
October 05, 2020

JAN-PRO Atlanta Cleaning Company JAN-PRO Atlanta is the family-owned Atlanta business janitorial services providing company that was established in the year 2001. It successfully works with many businesses all around the world. This company ensures that all the offices and business workplaces are disinfected and cleaned with high standard cleaning equipment. A clean, neat, and...

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From Banks to Industrial Cleaning, JAN-PRO Atlanta has Got You covered
October 05, 2020

Ask anyone in Atlanta if they would go out without a reason and they would say no way. The only reason that a person would leave the safety of their home these days is for grocery or to go to the bank. Now imagine if this person walks into the bank and they see dust...

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JAN-PRO Offers Green Cleaning Services in Atlanta
June 22, 2018

What Is Green Cleaning? Green cleaning practices are good for the environment and good for your health. The products use powerful, more natural cleaning agents than traditional cleaning products. Many product lines that offer green cleaning options have grown in popularity, and commercial cleaning companies have followed suit. JAN-PRO offers a range of green cleaning...

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JAN-PRO Acknowledged in the 2018 Entrepreneur Franchise 500
June 12, 2018

About the Franchise 500 Rankings Since 1979, Entrepreneur Magazine has held the Franchise 500. The Franchise 500 is, "the world's first, best, and most comprehensive franchise ranking." As the franchise world changes, Entrepreneur updates their ranking formula to determine which franchises are succeeding in the modern marketplace. This year, over a thousand different companies applied...

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Reducing Harmful Chemicals in Janitorial Cleaning
May 22, 2018

This post was originally published on the JAN-PRO International website here. In the past, most janitorial cleaning companies depended on harsh, harmful, or hazardous chemicals. Toxic, corrosive, and otherwise dangerous cleaning products were needed to deliver a spotless, sparkling clean. Now that people are more aware of the dangers posed by these products, more and...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Create Goals
May 14, 2018

At JAN-PRO Atlanta, we are passionate about seeing our franchise owners grow as business people. Something we've heard from entrepreneurs across many industries is the importance of creating goals. Experts like the idea of SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Setting goals like this can spark a noticeable improvement in...

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Three Things to Improve Your Franchise
April 20, 2018

We love seeing our JAN-PRO franchise owners succeed. Sometimes, the simplest advice can be the most important to follow. We've come up with three things every franchisee should do to make sure your business is the best it can be. If you keep these suggestions in mind, you can improve your franchise. Make sure your...

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4 Must-Have Qualities in an Office Cleaning Service
April 12, 2018

This blog post was originally posted on the JAN-PRO International website. Your work environment has a big impact on employee performance. Studies have shown that even tiny, seemingly insignificant changes translate into major gains — or losses — in office productivity. So, when you're hiring an office cleaning service, it's important that you find a cleaning...

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Robert Worley Named JAN-PRO International Franchisee of the Year
April 05, 2018

One of the most exciting annual JAN-PRO events is the JAN-PRO National Conference. Each year, representatives from various offices gather at the conference to share successes and honor stand-out franchise owners. The conference took place March 4th-6th, and we are excited to announce that Robert Worley was named the JAN-PRO International Franchisee of the Year....

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4 Daily Cleaning Tasks for your Business
March 16, 2018

Maintaining the cleanliness of your business can seem daunting. It can be tempting to hold off on daily cleaning until the pros come in. However, there are a few steps you can take every day to ensure your business is as clean as possible for your employees and customers. Wipe down any areas that are handled...

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Our History with Ecolab
March 06, 2018

One of the most successful partnerships we've had here in Atlanta is Ecolab. Over the years, JAN-PRO continues to find new products and services that better satisfy our customers. About six years ago, our office made a sales call to Ecolab. During our efforts to secure their business, we realized they would make an excellent partner...

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How Andre Parker's People Skills Impacted His Business
February 22, 2018

Our next testimonial comes from Andre Parker. During his Jan-Pro career, Andre Parker has been an encouragement to many of his colleagues. We asked him what he learned about Jan-Pro and what advice he would share with anyone involved or interested in the company. He gave us answers that focused on one central topic –...

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Are You Ready to Start a Franchise?
February 09, 2018

Starting a franchise is a huge decision that comes with many benefits. We are always prepared to support our new franchisees, but we still encourage careful consideration before jumping onboard. We compiled a brief checklist to run through to find out if you're ready to start your Jan-Pro journey. Do you view Jan-Pro as a...

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Franchisee Testimonial: Angela Morrison-Grace Talks about Jan-Pro Changing Her
January 16, 2018

We are proud to say our franchise owners at Jan-Pro are not just amazing business people. They are amazing people, and Angela Morrison-Grace is a prime example. We have the opportunity to work with some incredible individuals within the Atlanta community. We wanted to start sharing the impact Jan-Pro has had on our franchise owners,...

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Why You Should Open a Franchise with Your Tax Refund
January 05, 2018

For most people, the best part about tax season is a potential refund. Regardless of the size of your return, it's important to consider the wisest way to invest that money. Opening a franchise is a great option that gives back beyond just the initial opening costs. We wanted to share with you why becoming...

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A Thanksgiving Message from Jan-Pro of Atlanta, to Our Franchise Owners
November 15, 2017

During this season of Thanksgiving, we at Jan-Pro of Atlanta are thankful for our many hard-working franchise owners who have made this business successful. This past year has been a good one for Jan-Pro of Atlanta. In the spring we received accolades at our national conference as the highest billing Jan-Pro office and as...

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2017 Jan-Pro of Atlanta Franchisee Appreciation & Awards
November 03, 2017

Thank you to all franchise owners who attended the annual Franchisee Appreciation Day celebration on November 2. The following franchise owners were recognized and celebrated for their successes during the past year: Rising Star Award The Rising Star Award recognizes franchise owners who, in their first few years in business, have shown a very positive...

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Jan-Pro International Founders Day
October 25, 2017

Getting Back to Our Roots Here at Jan-Pro of Atlanta, we are fortunate to be located in the same market as Jan-Pro International's headquarters. This year on Founders Day we got to participate with Jan-Pro International in a special collaboration. Our corporate colleagues at International Headquarters spent their evening participating in cleans with our local...

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November 2nd is Franchisee Appreciation Day for Jan-Pro of Atlanta
October 10, 2017

November 2nd is Franchisee Appreciation Day for Jan-Pro of Atlanta We are pleased to announce that our annual Franchisee Appreciation Day will be held on Thursday, November 2nd. The celebration will be at the Jan-Pro offices from 11am to 2pm. All franchise owners are invited. Franchisee Appreciation Day is a time when franchise owners can...

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Introducing The Blue Print - The Jan-Pro franchise owner's guide to success
October 03, 2017

Introducing The Blue Print - The Jan-Pro franchise owner's guide to success We at Jan-Pro of Atlanta are excited to announce that we have just published The Blue Print, our first ever guidebook and manual for franchise owners. The purpose of The Blue Print is to help franchise owners achieve success. Starting this fall, we...

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Atlanta Jan-Pro Owner Charity Stephens Wins Franchisee of the Year Award
August 25, 2014

Jan-Pro, a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, has announced that Charity Stephens, of the company's Atlanta office, has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Unit Franchisee of the Year award from over 10,000 franchisees around the world. Brad Rush, president and CEO of Jan-Pro of Atlanta, nominated Charity Stephens for this national...

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JAN-PRO Earns Four Top Spots in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 Awards for 2014
July 15, 2014

Global commercial cleaning franchise JAN-PRO is awarded three leading rankings in the esteemed Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Awards for 2014. JAN-PRO Master Owners join in with these recognitions and rank their satisfaction highly in December's Franchise Business Review survey. January 13, 2014, Alpharetta, GA – Of the myriad of accolades bestowed in the franchise industry, an EntrepreneurFranchise...

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JAN-PRO Named on Top 50 List for Veterans for VetConnection Program
June 26, 2014

JAN-PRO Named on Top 50 List for Veterans for VetConnection Program JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems has been selected as one of the World Franchising Network's 2014 Top 50 Franchises for Veterans. June 26, 2014 – Atlanta, GA – JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems, a leading commercial cleaning franchise, has been named one of the World Franchising Network's 2014 Top 50...

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JAN-PRO is Awarded #24 Spot on Franchise Direct's Top 100 Global List
April 01, 2014

JAN-PRO is Awarded #24 Spot on Franchise Direct's Top 100 Global List JAN-PRO International, a leading commercial cleaning franchise, continues to show rising development as they earn the #24 position in Franchise Direct's exclusive global franchising list. This recognition is supported by JAN-PRO's recent expansion into Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries. April 1,...

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JAN-PRO Tops the Bill Again in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 Awards
January 13, 2014

JAN-PRO Tops the Bill Again in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 Awards Global commercial cleaning franchise JAN-PRO is awarded three leading rankings in the esteemed Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Awards for 2014. JAN-PRO Master Owners join in with these recognitions and rank their satisfaction highly in December's Franchise Business Review survey. January 13, 2014, Alpharetta, GA – JAN-PRO Franchising International...

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