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Factors That Keep the JAN-PRO Cleaning System Ahead of the Competition
October 07, 2020

Did you know that JAN-PRO is one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the world? It not only has a national presence but a global one. The reason JAN-PRO is so ahead of its competition can be seen when you take in to account all the factors of the JAN-PRO cleaning system. It is one of the reasons that define JAN-PRO’s success today and JAN-PRO Atlanta is no stranger to this success. It like all the rest of the JAN-PRO franchises follows and implements the JAN-PRO philosophy, processes, tools, and techniques to the letter. In this article, we will discuss what makes JAN-PRO Atlanta the cleaning company of choice for most commercial and industrial enterprises.


JAN-PRO Atlanta Success Factors

We will list down and describe the factors that have contributed to the success of JAN-PRO Atlanta and made it a cleaning force to be reckoned with.

Customer Focused: At JAN-PRO, we do not think of customers as statistics and the money made from them as revenue. We treat them like family and realize that their approval of our work is of paramount importance to us. We work around our client’s schedule so that they can have peace of mind knowing that when they come back, their office will be clean. We offer a quick resolution to any complaints and a guarantee to our customers that if we do not resolve any service issue within 24 hours, we will not charge. We work around our client’s schedule so that they can have peace of mind knowing that when they come back, their office will be clean.


Proven Cleaning System: Unlike other companies, which have a trial and error method or something as vague as someone saying it looks clean. JAN-PRO has set processes, processes that have been proven again and again to give optimum results. We ensure that all our staff follows those processes and we have quality checks in place to make sure that these processes are adhered to and our processes tell us if everything is clean.


Training: Consistent training is the hallmark to success, as practice makes perfect training is fuel. In our training, we cover the basics as well as the latest news, research, and tool use in the world of commercial cleaning. In fact, most of the time, we are the trendsetters that others strive to follow.


Best Tools: We have the best tools, but unlike other companies that put their tools as the most crucial factor, we do not. However, tools are useful and can make the difference between an average job and a good one. We believe the person using the tools should come first hence our emphasis on training and processes. If the cleaning tool user is capable enough, only then will that good job turn into an excellent one.


Best Chemicals: The JAN-PRO cleaning service uses hospital-grade chemicals for cleaning. This ensures the safety of our workers as well as the safety of the staff that works in the commercial area that we are cleaning. The same goes for the disinfectants that are used; they kill at maximum germs while keeping they are safe enough to work in.


The Importance of Branding

We realize branding plays a crucial role in getting people to acknowledge a company. Hence, we have signatory names for our various services, tools, and processes. They are as follows:

JAN-PRO Signature Clean – includes our training, uniforms, logs, and insurance.

JAN-PRO Tracker – This is a quality check that involves the participation of the franchise owner.

JAN-PRO Company the processes our guarantee and perspective right from the JAN-PRO corporate office.

JAN-PRO Technics – The latest cleaning tools, chemicals, equipment, and our signatory Enviroshield disinfection system and Ecolab Caddy.

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