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The Guaranteed No Stress JAN-PRO Cleaning Service
October 14, 2020

Did you know that one of the most time-consuming tasks is to get people to do the job they were asked to do? Ever wondered why there is a special guy that ensures all tasks are done on time? Yes, we are talking about supervisors and people managers. Their sole job is to ensure that the people they are responsible for, get the task done on time and correctly. You might be wondering how this relates to this article? The fact is the supervisor and the manager already have enough on their hands with regards to their team and now they have to worry about having a properly cleaned and disinfected office; that is also safe for them to work in. This is where we, the JAN-PRO cleaning service, come in; we offer a no stress, guaranteed cleaning experience. We will tell you how we accomplish all this and why we are the number one cleaning company in Atlanta.


JAN-PRO Atlanta Client No Stress Policy

If you are paying for a service, you shouldn’t have to go running after the service provider to get things done. We at JAN-PRO Atlanta understand that our customers are the reason we are here, and we work around our client’s schedule to make things easy for them. Our customer service is second to none and we guarantee resolution of any complaint received with regards to service issues within 24 hours, or we won’t charge you. That is why all our clients have nothing but praise for us.


Trained to Clean:

We make sure everyone gets trained, including the franchise owner. Most of them agree that they always thought they were good at cleaning, but now they are exceptional. Our training covers all aspects of cleaning, from processes to the use of the latest cleaning tech in the commercial cleaning industry to using the safest disinfection chemicals; that is safe for people but hard on germs.


The JAN-PRO Process to Success

Unlike other commercial cleaning services Atlanta that follow an undocumented trial and error method and simply say it is clean, we have proven processes that tell us when something is clean. Our processes tell us when something has been cleaned as it should be. We have supervisors and even franchise owners interacting with our customers and ensuring that the procedures are followed as they should be.


The Tools to Rule

The latest tech and tools for cleaning will always be found in the hands of our cleaning staff. We realize technology plays a crucial role in making the cleaning more efficient and thorough. That is why we spare no expense when it comes to the cleaning tools our staff uses.


Chemicals that are Hard on Germs

As is with tools, we make sure we use only hospital grade chemicals and disinfectants that allow for a thorough cleaning and kill up to 99% of the germs. However, we realize that people use the office, commercial, or industrial area for work, hence the environment after cleaning needs to be safe for them.


The JAN-PRO Franchise System

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs; we treat them as family more than partners. We help them grow and assist them in all aspects of their cleaning business. That is why the JAN-PRO franchise is one of the best franchise systems in the US. Through the efforts of our numerous partners, we have achieved a global presence with offices in various countries.

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